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How to use Outdoor Fitness Equipment in the fog and haze
How to use Outdoor Fitness Equipment in the fog and haze
  Recently, fog and haze appeared in many Chinese cities and the air quality deteriorate seriously, which is bad to people’s health. But life is movement, then how we do exercises in the fog and haze?

1.Choose a sunny period to do exercise
  As the special circumstances in winter (low temperature, low pressure and the fog and haze), we can exercise in a sunny day or in one day less fog and haze.
  Not only the air quality is better and the pressure has slowed down, but also plants make oxygen to achieve our effect and purpose of exercise.
2.Avoid rush-hour traffic
  Many people have the habit of morning exercise, however, the experts stressed, in any case, it would be stopped in the fog and haze.
  If you want to go out to exercise, the best time is from 10:00 to 15:00 and you should avoid going out in the morning and evening because pollution will have a sharp rise in rush hour traffic.

update: 2015-12-26
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