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How to use the fitness equipment correctly
How to use the fitness equipment correctly

1. Pay attention to scientific and reasonable method
  Training should have a certain order. First warm-up exercise, then a formal exercise and relaxation movement. In formal training, aerobic exercise should pay attention to the breath.

2.Step by step
  The development of any things all have certain regularity and periodically. In order to ensure safety, practitioners must see equipment specifications when they begin to exercise and pay attention to their age and physical condition. To exercise constantly can strengthen body and achieve the desired purpose.

3.Comprehensive development, make up the shortfall
  Simple mechanical training for a long period of time is easy to cause the one-sided development in strength, endurance and muscular, while ignoring the development of reaction, speed, flexibility, coordination, etc. The body is obviously not a sound. Therefore, in addition to conventional instrument training, it is necessary to have auxiliary exercise.

update: 2015-10-14
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