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Pull Chairs Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Pull Chairs , Outdoor Fitness Equipment, Outdoor Exercise Equipment, Strength Exercise Equipment

Specifications: 2145×763×1644mm

Functions: Developing the strength of upper limbs and the muscle groups of shoulder region and back; improving the flexibility, agility and coordination of shoulder joints and elbows; good for healing aches in joints and the bending and stretching hindrances of joints.

Approaches: Sit down with your back against the equipment and take hold of the handgrips with both hands, and then pull it down with your full strength. Revert slowly.

Users: Suitable for people of different ages.

Notice: Standing on the seat is forbidden. Make 1 to 3 sets of movements, repeat each set 5 to 10 times according to your physical conditions. Unsound person doing this should be authorized by their doctors or have family assistance. Adult supervision is required when Children are playing.

Use & Maintenance Instructions:
 Ⅰ.Notices before use:
1. Check if the equipment is in good condition and the body is steady.
2. Check if the bearings of the movable parts are active.
3. Check if the outer fastening screws and nuts are tight and decorative caps in place.
   4. Strictly follow the instructions on the equipment’s instruction board.
  Ⅱ.Maintenance (Limited to 4 years in normal use)
   1. Check if all welds are in good condition after using for 6 months.
   2. Check if the Standing Column is vertical to the ground for 6 months.
   3. Check all bearings and lock washers for 6 months.
   4. Check all screws and nuts and tighten them for 6 months.
   5. Check the outer decorative caps and change if necessary for 6 months.

update: 2013-12-7
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