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Job Application
To join us struggle with the struggle for the realization of our "dream"
We sincerely look forward to your joining! You can send your resume directly to the E-mail to, our human resources department is responsible for the audit will give you an interview after the adoption of notice. If no interview within one month of notification, shall be deemed inappropriate to the post temporarily, but the resume will be deposited into the company's talent pool, there are suitable jobs would notice an interview.
We insist on "people-oriented, honest, winning with quality" business philosophy has always been the human resources development as a business venture of this, the competition, the development of this. The company has formed a King who work, fair competition, respecting knowledge and talents of good corporate practice. Companies to recruit personnel for its unique strategy, the development of open space, excellent environment for the growth of talent, an effective incentive mechanism and the concept of the corporate culture to become a talent Anlene Highland gathering.

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