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The Trademark Story of "Xiadian Jiamei"

   "Bearing the dream of health, creating bright future toghther" is the mission of Xiadian Jiamei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. At present, it already got the honors of Excellect Enterprise in China Stationery and Sporting Goods Association, Good Credit Enterprise and well-known Trademark of Hebei. Her development course is in the process of creating. At the beginning of foundation in 2002, the leader Liushisheng said to others, “my aim is letting Jiamei people who have loving hearts service for people all over the world.” Some people had different views, they said the door of chinese market did not open and dreamed of service for all over the world, they thought chairman Liu boasted. But chairman Liu said strongly, “I will come true the aim in my whole life.” Consequently, the trademark of “Xiadian Jiamei” came into being. The first alphabets of Jiamei form a circular through be shaped. It likes a color sun. the blue ripple under it stands for Jiamei people’s loving hearts. The color of trademark is made up by red,yellow and blue which sre very popular in outdoor equipments. Meanwhile,it stands for Xiadian Jiamei complys with the tendency of gymnastic engineering of all people. The logo hints the career of Xiadian Jiamei is engaging in like a coloured red rising from sea and is brimming with hope and vigor. Through the effort of all staffs in less three years, the hope of chairman Liu was come true ahead of schedule. The first outdoor fitness equipments were exported to oversea. The dream of all of staff in Jiamei is that the fitness equipments which is researched and manufactured by chinese people are eported to outsife world become reality. Now, Jiamei products not only are liked by chinese consumers, but also distributed to all over the world by the help of overseas famous sporting goods company. They have been distributed in USA, Canada, Britain,Spain,Sweden, Belgium,India, Iran, Pakistan, Korea and so on. The foreigners who often take part in outdoor sports have been loved the chinese sporting trademark—“Xiadian Jiamei.”

After seeing chairman Liu came true his own promise, friends who held suspicious attitudes in the past support more firmly the development of Xiadian Jiamei Sporting Goods Co.,Ltd and the career of chairman Liu  

President of Xiadian Jiamei Sporting Goods Co.,Ltd. 

Vice president of China Outdoor Fieness Equipment Alliance

Executive Director of China Recreation and Sports Association

Model Worker of Langfang, Excellent Young of Langfang

Excellent Entrepreneur of China Recreational and Sports Association

Deputy to the NPC of Dachang Hui County

Vice Chairman of Dachang Hui County Association of Industry and Commerce

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